Exclusive Puddle Duck Upperwear

Exclusive Puddle Duck Upperwear

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This print are only exclusive to us.

When placing a order in any of these prints there may be a slight delay due to the fabric needing to be printed. 

We do have some currently in stock but if are currently out of stock we will email you.

Short Tee, Long Tee, Jumper, Hoodie

Choose from short or long sleeved tee, jumper or hoodie

Please note these are slightly big sizing. 

Short and long tee will come in full fabric with plain cuffed arm/wrist band and neck band.

Jumper will be full fabric with plain cuffed waistband, wrist and neck band.

Hoodie will be full fabric with plain cuff waist, wrist, neck band and hood liner.  

If you wish to have two tone option, please leave a note at checkout. 


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